I'm at the shawarma place and, while I remember their mascot, I forget how much effort they dedicate to making sure you know that these are NOT gyros, they're BETTER

this is a riff on the previous post with some pornography in it. like, it's link legendofzelda with a huge dick and bunny ears 

you ever wish you could embed hyper links in your speech

like you just open your mouth and this comes out

source: it's the first picture i could find matching the description, i don't know anything about the artist

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shout out to the promo art for the new grim tutor that answers the question "just how fucked up and evil can you make a book look"

post-vaccine selfie, eye contact, british rude gesture 

bad news: got sir'd a couple times because I had to register with my dead name
good news: vaccine get, got like four compliments on the mask

cosplay selfies, eye contact 

Look, these spreadsheets have to be purrfect as soon as pawsible, or you're nyever getting that promotion.

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