ffxiv screenshotting 

did you know that if you get high enough in your grand company, you get a squadron and NPCs will ask to join it

and you can glamour their equipment however you want

these motherfuckers. I've always been so curious about them because, like, they're just random pills. they're not even the same. it's like you're expected to take all of them at once

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I honestly love him because he looks slightly too normal to be here in this fantasy land

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for example, the fact that the game lets you roleplay your character, who very well may be an anthropomorphic cat, as constantly surprised by every talking animal is very good

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see, blaseball does cute things like this, but also the game itself doesn't make me feel great, so ???

final fantasy fourteen eye contact 

this guy has resting shithead face

selfie, eye contact 

live from scenic my car, it's Princess Grace Gets A Covid Test, in stunning HD

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