I wrote code so that I can put the name tag wherever, but I'm starting to think it should always stay on the left.

[image descriptions: the same picture of noted phone phreaker crow Bird Call by @ distressedegg@mellified.men saying "Hey, how does it look if there's only one person talking?", but the little tag with her name above the dialogue box is on the left, middle, and right]

that pornography of my fursona fucking a fascist's brain out. 

anyways, fuck this country

by the lovely @ distressedegg@mellified.men

Tonight's progress on Grace Attorney: characters can now enter from all sorts of directions, and not just fade in from the aether.

tf kink 

the best emote, however, is still "shocked post-TF victim still getting used to her new body"

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when i was younger, i played the world's greatest military-themed hat simulator

now i've graduated to the world's greatest fantasy-themed catgirl simulator

selfie, eye contact 

princess, how come your doctor appointment insists you put on two masks

These screenshots make Bird Call look like more of a dumbass than she is, but she's currently trapped in the computer, unable to wreak revenge.

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