Sure, you suck, but you can at least call 555-8-AH-CLOP eventually.

@moonbolt Yeah, like, I honestly suspect that if you gave a list to someone who didn't know about MLP and asked them to assign names to genders or names to ponies, they wouldn't do much better than random chance

@ben not really- pony names are almost always one or two normal English words. Applejack is a thing (an alcoholic drink made from apples), but Wikipedia doesn't give me much for Appledick

does "Dusk Shine" read more masc than "Twilight Sparkle"? I mean, it does to me, but that's also because I'm primed by knowing these characters already

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honestly, it's not like pony names have that much gender to 'em in the first place

like, most pony names are just one or more English words. It's not like if you see a pony name in the wild, you can guess whether it belongs to a stallion or a mare

i mean, you can get like an 80 percent success rate by guessing "mare" every time because most of the characters are women, but

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@trashguts really, it feels pretty arbitrary, since it's not like pony names are all that gendered in the first place

@trashguts boy Rainbow Dash is Rainbow Blitz, because i guess dashing is girl-coded?

they lampshade it like "I guess the name is pretty gender-neutral", but I think that's the coward's way out. they shoulda called him "Pearboy" or something

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the funniest thing about the genderswapped my little pony fic is that they couldn't think of a boy version of "Applejack"

@rockario like, knowing that the rules of the universe will never let you two be together, so you start dressing down and lowering your voice

@rockario honestly, i think it would be really funny to see Sunset going boymode to be Twilight's next beard

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