I come bearing gifts! The gift is the best episode yet of Tight Pants, the world's only Homestar Runner sex podcast, featuring myself and absolutely not @junebug. This week, we discuss whether Strong Bad fucks, assign him a fursona, and even enter the kinkzone. It's a fucking wild time, folks.


this is a dunk on me, because I say "commedia dell'arte" in this episode of Tight Pants

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@Eldritch_Horrorgirl The illusion looks like a pretty normal shotgun until you realize how good "fires faster the longer you pull the trigger"

@Eldritch_Horrorgirl Yeah, Gunfire is a good mix, because even the boring guns have some interesting, whimsical twist that make them interesting and unlike any gun in the real world.

@venatus Yeah, the Saints Row games weren't afraid to let you get there eventually, even if you had to mess around with the regular guns first

honestly, i think more video games shouldn't be afraid to make video game-ass guns. this is one of the best parts about Gunfire Reborn. Three of the guns are just lizards, and one of them is a fish.

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more games should have a gun full of pink needles that explode, honestly

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for one thing, it's good that, even though you're in the space navy, you can pretty immediately pick up the way more fun alien guns

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anyways, i'm enjoying halo so far. i can see why everyone i knew growing up was super into it

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re: ff14 terrible trashpost 

@galaxgal @fluxom_alt Like, we're probably gonna end up in Garlemald for 6.0, and so we gotta end this shit once and for all, right

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