Dear Jessica Giraffe,

The key is being gay, and also being a lesbian supervillain helps.


Skunk Grace

@cozykaffe right click on the item and click dye

if you don't have that, there's a quest you gotta do where you give a lady orange juice

@cozykaffe i forget how to do it, but you can change the shape of the hotbars by... i think clicking the little number by them or something?

@cozykaffe grab one of those square hotbars and put it to the side of your the regular ones. that's what I do.

in twenty years, I'm gonna stumble across the wikipedia article for chairs and start laughing like a dipshit

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MP, or Members of Parliament, is how FFXIV determines how much magic you can do

selfie, eye contact 

@LilyVers thank you! me and this hedgehog, we have an understanding.

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