micro nonsense, that tom scott video on microwaves 

something the size of a human is too big to cryogenically freeze, but if you could shrink folks down, you could save on rocket fuel and have hamster-sized animatable astronauts

you ever thing about how, if the british had declassified their system earlier, we could have had Cocks cryptography instead of RSA

@bees if we want to innovate and succeed in the 21st century, we have to understand our strategic twink reserves

@rockario it's so good, i think about it every time i think about Alphinaud, honestly

tf nonsense 

@heatherhorns as always, the things i plan to visit on my enemies always wind up just being good, horny things to do with friends

@bees ah, the yin and yang- you cannot truly understand twinkhood without understanding bearhood. The eternal dance.

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