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Grill Skills is begging for some kind of mashup, but the song is already perfect, what could you add to it

today in voice chat, we decided the funniest thing to name a town would be *borat voice*

*borat voice* city hall, *borat voice* high school, and their mascot, the *borat voice* my wife

if you've ever played or heard of The Ship, it's made by the same people, except they made it good this time

also, the names it generates for your characters are pretty good. got in a fight with a goth lady named Jezebel Grimoire

cartoony video game girls holding guns and knives and such, grace is reminiscing about trans stuff and a video game, long 

the shark was in a package that the VPS seller digitalocean sent me for no reason

that's technically not a princess luna plushie, because I got it from a fan kickstarter many years ago when the show was on- the copyright dodge they used was "it's a horse form of the moon cat from Sailor Moon"

but, you know

and by that, I mean "went to the pokemon-branded vending machine at the mall"

It's a good mystery, it's well-written and fun to watch, good times.

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