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I really wanted to do some character work for Flaps Birdmeister, but I can't decide if it would be funnier if they were or weren't a bird

World Flipper posting 

other video games might let you pet the dog, but FFXIV is the only one I've played with mandatory bird-petting as part of the story

shadowbringers posting 

shadowbringers posting 

shadowbringers posting 

Hm, it's snowing, and I'm comfy and stuff, but I also want things that are outside the house

Good news, he said "I was trying to think of a good way to ask. Congrats!"

talking to my college roommate on discord and he asked what's new

and, like, my name on there has been "Princess Grace" for months, and the picture is of my girlsona

how do I say "I dunno if you've noticed, but I'm girl now"

still have to work, but it is snowing outside and I am wearing comfy clothes

I dragged my feet on actually looking at the dataset, but I know that some of my posts were in there. And some of that is *definitely* my smut

World Flipper, I appreciate that you have a little story for all (or at least a bunch of) the characters, and that you give out gacha money for watching them, but I don't care enough to google translate everything in here

so, like, my mom will talk to the dog. everyone does that, that's normal. but then she would do a voice and act like the dog was talking to her? I'm just realizing now that she's the only person I've ever seen do this

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