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Betting on the flowers because I got a good feeling about King Weatherman


Here Lies The Seattle Garages
They Never Scored


Miami has a player named Francisca Sasquatch, and I imagine her like a Franziska von Karma, but giant, covered in fur, and the second-worst pitcher on the team

You can count on Math to throw goddamn smoke and close out the game, damn

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Spies pitcher Math Velazquez has zero stars, which is also the number of runs they gave up this inning

to roll sex, roll a d20 and add your sex number. The higher you roll, the better you sex

🎶 when the dog bites
when the bee stings
when I'm feeling saaaaad
I simply remember my favorite twinks
and then I don't feeeeel
so baaaaad 🎶

posting myself into an allpro account with nothing but hooting and hollering about blaseball

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