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anyways, this was inspired by a brutalmoose review of a movie with this conceit. one of the characters is named "Princess" and it feels like they're talking about me

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thinking about joining and acting like I thought it was a website for people who like to take care of their teeth

what happens if you get zapped inside, like, Ace Attorney, where you can win or lose, but most lose states don't kill your character. are you just a video game lawyer forever

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on the plus side, you can't die in animal crossing, so you can't die in real life
on the downside, the game literally has no concept of "winning"

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thinking about getting trapped in some kind of futuristic video game where i can't leave unless i win the game

what do you mean modern video games often don't have well-defined "endings", aiming instead to be the only game you play until the sequel comes out and constantly patching new content in or relying on multiplayer modes

ffxiv nonsense 

if i were in the orbonne monastery for an hour, i would simply clear the raid instead of wiping at the same part every time

looking on the bright side of a death in the family 

You know, this was the last time Grandma saw me before she died.

Honestly, it's probably the best way I coulda done it.

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anyways, back to the movie, if you ever wanted to watch a depressing movie wherein Tobey Maguire plays an orphan abortion doctor, good news

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I remember watching the movie version, which cut out a lot of the story, including the entire character of Melody, but it did have Tobey Maguire, so it was at least weird to watch.

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i had to read this book for high school english, and I have no idea if i'd enjoy it today

I remember there was a lesbian couple in it, but I also remember they didn't have a particularly happy arc

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creating a robot to bet on blaseball automatically, thus automating myself out of a blob (blaseball job)

*ripping my shirt off, hooting, hollering, spinning it around over my head* The cider house RULES!

dronekink joke 

where do you take your brainwashed latex bodysuit hive mind on their day off?

droney island!

everyone talks about your life force, but nobody talks about your wife's horse

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