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this skunk has the executive function

and, basically, this podcast is getting EDITED

computer: now compiling glib
brain: how very glib. do you believe in eorzea?

i want to join a pyramid scheme, but everyone just wants me to sell knives or vitamins or something? i want to buy a big ol' triangle to menace people from

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everyone keeps trying to recruit me into their mlm scheme and i'm not even a guy any more

it was my idea to make the nfts hexagons, i got 1.1 ETH for it , im not sorry and if the trolls dont Stfu i will make more things hexagons

Stickers from @BestGirlGrace ! Wonderful new look for my laptop, and I will cherish this little emote skunk forever.

lancer character mulling 

Constant nightmares of just endless darkness and frigid cold. DIDYMOS repeating "Chronological realignment imminent" louder and louder until [xxxx] finally wakes up in a cold sweat.

Even though [] haven't had sweat glands for years

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lancer character mulling 

Getting your soul/consciousness/subjectivity yanked from the brink of nonexistence is not a great experience overall

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lancer character mulling 

tensing up at odd moments. A deep gasp like waking up from a nightmare. Questions like "What year is it?" and "You're [name], right? Right??".

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lancer character mulling 

the pitch: payday 2-esque bank heist one shot. it's gonna be fun, we're gonna kill cops, it'll be great
me: i'm gonna revamp my old jockey build. get out of my mech, climb on theirs, start wreaking havoc

oh, and with the Lich, if I die, the mech can just self-destruct and bring me and it back to life. that'll be fun.

and then I've spent the last day or so thinking about what kind of trauma this person has, because there's no way getting your death unmade is pleasant

inverse kinematics is when you try to figure out what someone's like from their kintypes

the opengl renderer does work, but it's really slow

i really gotta go to bed, though. tomorrow

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